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55 Inch LCD TV

A 55 inch TV can be an expensive, but worthwhile purchase for many people. Most American's spend several hours in front of the TV each and every day whether it be watching the news, playing video games, or having it playing in the background while they attend to other things.

Ensuring that you purchase the best TV for your needs is as important as anything else when it comes to shopping for a 55 inch TV. That means that the first thing you need to do when considering purchasing a TV is to identify exactly what you will need.

If you play video games, you should look into finding the television with the highest quality picture, as that can drastically affect how the game looks.

Do you plan on watching Blu Ray movies? Are you subscribed to HD television? If you are not, is that something that you would be interested in if you owned a new 55 inch LCD TV?

If you are interested in purchasing a new TV but are not sure what you should be looking for when you do so, you may want to consider the following information.

55 inch lcd tv        55 inch lcd

Choose A 55" TV Brand

Is it a well known fact that certain television brands are more reliable than others, such as the Vizio or Samsung 55” LCD TV. Sony, LG and Toshiba also have some nice models. Some brands are more prone to having their screen go out, or to having pixel misfires on the screen after a little use.

Look around online to find a brand that suits your tastes and offers a great quality picture as well as delivering excellent customer service. Keep in mind that more known brands will often cost substantially more than other lesser known brands.

55 inch tv            55 inch lcd tv

Choose A Price for your 55 Inch LCD TV

Televisions are expensive items. They can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. A high quality 55” LCD TV can cost several thousand dollars. You should have decided on a budget prior to going shopping so you will not be so prone to overspending when you do go shopping.

The price will on the 55 inch TV be directly affected by features such as aspect ratio, resolution, brand name and the size of the screen. With items that cost as much as TV's, you should always comparison shop before making a purchase. Look at several online retailers to get a quick idea of how much you can expect to pay for 55 inch LCD televisions. 

55 lcd tv         55 tv

What To Look For in a 55" LCD TV

There are four basic things that you should be looking for when you are buying a TV.

  • First of all, the screen size. You have likely already decided that a large 55” LCD is your choice over a smaller, more portable television
  • Second of all, you should at the resolution of the screen. The resolution directly affects the quality of the picture and can go a long ways toward making the picture look better.
  • You should also look at the finish of the screen. The finish of the screen will affect the picture based on the lighting of the room. You should be looking for a TV that won't glare too much if you are going to be placing the TV in a well lit room.
  • You may also want to decide what ports you would like your TV to have. If you are going to be hooking anything up to the TV like a laptop or video game console using an HDMI cable you want to ensure that the television that you choose has those ports available.

55 inch tv        55 lcd tv